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What Domain Driver Requires

For all that the Domain-Driver Framework offers, it does requires a few simple features to be implemented in your domain objects. These features are specified in the IKeyedDomainObject interface, and can most easily be implemented by deriving domain objects from the KeyedDomainObjectBase class. The required features are the following:

1) Immutable Key

Each domain object persisted must have an immutable key so that the identity of specific objects can be determined at any time from creation to deletion. This key is a generic argument, so any value type can be used for the key.

2) Value-Wise Equals Override

Each domain object must implement the Equals method to return a value indicating value-wise equivalence. By default, the Equals method returns instance-wise equivalence. To provide value-wise equivalence, the method must test the equality of each individual data member within the domain object and any nested objects.

3) Copy Method

Each domain object must implement a Copy method that returns a new instance that is value-wise equivalent to the original instance. This method is used by some storage managers, as well as many of the generic unit tests provided in the Domain_Driver Framework.

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